Want more than just sharing your own contact in Google Contacts?
With inVue you can share all your business contacts with your entire team or just a sub-group. Now your sales team can work together like a sales team, sharing leads and contacts. And when your star sales person leaves, they no longer leave with your contacts on their laptop!


Want more than just the simple search facility in Google Contacts?
With inVue you can search your contacts the way you want to - by address, by surname, by any custom field, or by any combination of the above! So you can do as complex a query as you like, and our powerful yet easy to use Search tool will find the relevant contacts in a snap!


Want more than just the single custom field in Google Contacts?
With inVue you can create any number of custom fields in any number of types. Date last visited, industry type, size of business, quality of lead. And with our powerful Search facility you can mine the data you collected, even with complex queries, easily and quickly!

Moved from Microsoft Outlook to Google Apps™ for Business?


Google Apps for Business are really great.
But you lose a lot when you move from an Exchange and Outlook environment. inVue Contacts Manager (including Email) puts back what you lost. Preview emails like Outlook. Open emails in separate windows to cut and paste. Sort and filter contacts. Create custom fields to store the data you want. And much, much more.
The Google Apps Marketplace™ is great.
But most of the third-party apps aren’t! Either you work in their different interface, or you work in Google. But you can’t work in one place. inVue Contacts Manager (including Email) puts all your data on the same page. You work on the same contacts, the same emails, with everything so closely integrated you can’t see the joins.
Sharing data with your team is great.
But have you tried sharing contacts amongst your team members? You can’t. You have to load in a third-party app to do that! inVue Contacts Manager (including Email) shares all your company’s contacts with all the members of your team. Effortlessly, instinctively, easily. And you can share not just contacts, you share everything.
  • Moving away from an Exchange and Outlook environment need not be a step down in functionality. Google Apps for Business are powerful, reliable and secure. And adding inVue will plug the functionality gaps, adding more intelligence, more group working and a more business-class interface.